Commit 9cff6bfa authored by Dorinela Dascalu's avatar Dorinela Dascalu 🌺

Added Barnes_MOOC community.

parent 02cdc1cf
......@@ -2001,6 +2001,8 @@ public class ReaderBenchServer {
= new"", "Math Equals Love"); community4
= new"MOOC", "Massive Open Online Courses"); community5 =
new"Barnes_MOOC", "Barnes Massive Open Online Courses"); category1
= new"online communities", "Online Communities",
......@@ -2010,7 +2012,7 @@ public class ReaderBenchServer {
Arrays.asList(community3)); category3
= new"MOOC", "Massive Open Online Courses",
Arrays.asList(community4, community5));
List<> categories = Arrays.asList(category1, category2, category3);
QueryResultAllCommunities queryResult = new QueryResultAllCommunities(categories);
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