Commit dee9c0cd authored by Gabriel Gutu-Robu's avatar Gabriel Gutu-Robu

Removed Spanish from WordValences complexity indices

parent 865f4f9c
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ public class WordValences {
private static final Map<Lang, Map<String, String>> VALENCES_FOR_LANG = new EnumMap<>(Lang.class);
private static final Properties PROPERTIES = ReadProperty.getProperties("");
private static final String PROPERTY_VALENCES_NAME = "VALENCES_%s_PATH";
public static final List<Lang> SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES = Arrays.asList(Lang.en,,;
public static final List<Lang> SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES = Arrays.asList(Lang.en,;
private static void initLang(Lang lang) {
WORD_VALENCE_MAP.put(lang, new HashMap<>());
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