Commit b988313a authored by Gabriel Gutu-Robu's avatar Gabriel Gutu-Robu

Contributions Indices in CSCL now includes details about contributions

parent 70a0fd5e
......@@ -34,8 +34,10 @@
.contributions-indices>thead th,
.contributions-indices>tbody td.contribution-id {
.contributions-indices>tbody td.contribution-id,
.contributions-indices>tfoot td {
color: #43b9c7;
font-weight: bold;
.contributions-indices td.value {
......@@ -191,19 +191,38 @@
<table class="contributions-indices">
<tr class="entry">
<th>Contribution ID</th>
<th>Social KB</th>
<tr *ngFor="let contribution of; let i = index"
<tr *ngFor="let contribution of"
<td class="contribution-id">{{i}}</td>
<td class="contribution-id">{{contribution.genid}}</td>
<td class="value">{{contribution.ref}}</td>
<td class="value">{{contribution.timestamp}}</td>
<td class="value">{{contribution.participant}}</td>
<td class="value">{{contribution.text}}</td>
<td class="value">{{contribution.SOCIAL_KB | number:'1.3-3'}}</td>
<td class="value">{{contribution.LOCAL_IMPORTANCE | number:'1.3-3'}}</td>
<td>{{ | number:'1.3-3'}};</td>
<td>{{ | number:'1.3-3'}};</td>
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